Thursday, 5 July 2012

having sex with his ex-wife’s dog

A UK man has been found guilty of having sex with his ex-wife’s dog by a Gloucester court.

46-year-old Nicholas Saunders was convicted after his ex-wife, Kelly Thacker, told the court that she caught him red handed on her bullmastiff.
"He was on all fours holding her (the dog’s) thighs. He was having intercourse with her. She wasn't even moving." Thacker told the court.
She explained that Saunders had sought abode in her house that night following a fight with his girlfriend. It was after declining his sexual advances that she found the father of three straddling her dog, Sasha.
Thacker added: "It was just utter shock, you don't think anything like this could happen."
Refuting the allegations, Saunders said that his ex-wife caught him merely climbing over the dog on his way to the toilet.
"The allegation is a total lie," he told the court. Saunders went on to explain that Thacker’s accusations were borne of vengeance because he had turned her down.
"She wanted me back. She's been trying to get me back for three months, but I said no.” he said during the police interview.
His “not guilty” plea was rubbished after forensic evidence collected from his manhood proved 100% match to that of a domestic dog.
The prosecutor noted that it would have been an incredible coincidence for dog DNA to be found of a "fairly inaccessible" part of the accused.
The jury found a confounded Saunders guilty, despite a forensic expert admitting that the DNA could have been transferred on to Saunders' penis in a number ways.
"The jury have found you guilty. It is an unusual offence and unusual behaviour.” The judge told Saunders.
The accused was granted bail on the condition that he would stay away from his children and ex-wife.

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