Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Big Brother Prezzo ex-girlfriend caught having drunk sex in a car!!! [naked pic]

The Big Brother Africa Star famed Prezoo EX-Girlfriend was snubbed having sex in a car park.
 These pictures sent to the Big Gossip Whispers via email by a snitch who pleads for anonymity shows how a top Kenyan celebrity had multiple sex orgasm with a man in a car park along Nairobi streets. A friend to the victim artist revealed to the Big Gossip that the song actress had gone way up after tots of gin to end up in miserable situation of being banged in the car park.
the pictures of this sexual innuendo and scene were to adult for this site...follow the link and view the photos at Nairobi Exposed (adult content) more photos here.Clickhere
 The award winning songstress who was rumored to date Prezzo at some point was stupor drunk when the incident occurred. The singer had gone out with her click of celeb friends to a pub along Koinangestreet near Nakumatt Lifestyle but took one too many to drink. She chewed a black out in Nairobi CBD, but the party was not about to stop.
It is alleged that the singer was escorted by the underground artiste [the guy over her] to the elevator where it all started. He then rushed her to his car where he had mad sex with her.
Her concerned friends found her being banged by the artiste in his car. He later drove her to her apartment at Nairobi’s sprawling suburbs. This artist has been involved in naked pictures scandal years back!! The Friday Pulse Magazine indicated that the long sex scene in the car park has resulted to the artist parting ways with her colleagues and friends who are reported to have sent the photos public on Facebook fuss.


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  3. So many cases of sex in cars. Do you know in Nairobi taxis rent out cars for sex to prostitutes

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