Saturday, 11 May 2013

The girls in the dog sex drama in Mombasa are students of Mombasa Poly

The girls in the dog sex drama in Mombasa according to @Tsomnyanzi wa Ng'ang'a are students of Mombasa Poly, beyond that the Mzungu in the mix is a Swedish Film Maker and dear prosecution drop the games Chris, as he is known has not been here for two days, First in Nairobi he lives at Laxi aparments in Githunguri road Kileleshwa and has rental villas in Nyali, Mombasa, he has Worked for one of the United Nation's branch in Nairobi, so cut the intentional attempt to have the man freed, he has been here for a very long time
The Mombasa Technical University students who were acting porn with dogs are :- Janet Akoth,  Mercy Waithera, Beatrice Mueni Muosa and Mercy .They were being paid 3K to do the job. Is it that our youths are so desperate that they can do anything for money or what? Please make me understand.
you can identify the Mombasa Poly bestiality girls


  1. He is Swiss.....

    1. yeah ..swiz pornographer who was brought to Kenyan as humanitarian

    2. manze ata kaa ni pesa madem aja ufala plz ddont be fucked by dogs just give ata kaa ni wasimu

  2. personally i cant blame them but can offer ma advice...ladies pliz even if itz money, there are a lot of good ways one can get it...dont rush to take easy cash that will cost u much from ur own pockets...dogs have a lot of diseases which when combined with our own prospects of getting sick by our own ailments equals disaster... another thing ....manze DOGI!!!...ebu imagine... this means that ur soo cheap that hata a mere mongrel inakuingiza box...this is not good God cant be happy with us


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