Friday, 21 September 2012

Kenya celebrities turn to Illu Minati for fame and money Exposed!

 Kenya celebrities turn to Illuminati for fame and money
A photo uploaded by Nairobi Exposed an undercover investigative facebook page in social networks indicates how many Kenya celebrities mostly women and men have requested to join the Illu Minati movement for fame and wealth gain.
Speaking to Nairobi Exposed a list which was given to the sites admin at Nairobi Exposed remains confidential with him/her however the evidence containing the true information that indicated Kenyan seeking wealth and fame in celebrity circle was dispatched to us in our Nairobi offices and via this facebook photo.
This comes after Nairobi Exposed had learnt of the Kenya celebrities involved in Illu Minati enlight society and wanted to expose them. As the Kenya’s Jicho Pevu undercover they persuaded the  Illu Minati page on facebook admin through inbox to give the names of the celebrities involved something that remains very faithful  AND confidential with the admin of Nairobi exposed
Our sources indicates that the page admin was mailed a list of top Kenya celebrities that is politicians, musicians, TV Personalities, actors and businesspeople from Kenya all contacting the Illu Minati sect for fame and wealth. A list was later mailed to the page’s admin of the already Kenya Illu Minati members The Big Gossip Whispers learns.

Download the image and zoom to read the conversation.

by Big Gossip Reuter


  1. There is nothing wrong with Kenya celebrities looking for help from external sources. After reading this article, I decided to get involved in assisting Kenya celebrities by creating a site for them called Kenya Celebrities official pages network ( a blog( for them to express their own opinion

  2. That Illuminati thing is just a scam.

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